Counseling for Women: Understanding Trauma

As the mental health field learns about trauma, we gain a deeper understanding of its complex impact. For those who have lived through trauma, the impacts are present in relationships with themselves, others, and the world around them. Every human has endured some sort of trauma. It may be this same trauma that has warrantedContinue reading “Counseling for Women: Understanding Trauma”

EMDR Therapy Worked For Jo on Grey’s Anatomy, But Can it Work for Me?

If you are a big Grey’s fan, you probably saw the episode last year where Jo works with a therapist on her long history of trauma. If you don’t have experience with EMDR therapy, it may not have really registered for you. Some people I ask about the episode don’t really remember much of it.Continue reading “EMDR Therapy Worked For Jo on Grey’s Anatomy, But Can it Work for Me?”

What is Online Therapy?

Therapy has completely changed since COVID 19.  None of us could ever have imagined that at any point in our lives, therapy would be done almost completely online.  But, COVID 19 has caused so many changes in our day to day lives. So being able to start psychotherapy from the comfort of your own homeContinue reading “What is Online Therapy?”