Counseling for Women

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Maybe it’s Time to Get Counseling for Women

Are you a working woman and barely keeping your head above water? Or, one of the many exhausted moms doing ALL of the things ALL of the time? Or maybe you’re a single, working woman and just plain burned out?

We get it. That’s why we want to help by empowering women in Orange County, CA and beyond.

Feeling Burned Out? You’re Not Alone.

As fellow busy women with a lot on our plate, we know firsthand how exhausted you are. Women have always been expected to handle the majority of the home workload (google mental load, it’s super interesting!), but now so many of us are also working and STILL doing it all. Also, many of us do not have the “village” that humans were designed to live in. We don’t always have family living with us or close by that can help us carry the load. So, sometimes it can all just feel overwhelming.  

Common Issues That Many Woman in California Experience

While we all experience life and obstacles differently, here are some common issues related to counseling for women:

Counseling can help when you’ve tried everything that you know to do and realize it’s time to seek help.

If you are feeling exhausted, anxious, depressed, or burned out, we promise you are not alone.  We also promise that it does not have to be this way forever.  Chances are that with time, your emotions will even out on their own. But, there really is no need to try to get through this tough time without a little help. Many women find that having a safe place to vent, problem-solve, build new skills, and get support can be incredibly helpful for their mental health and overall well-being.

We understand that you are going through a tough time and we can help. Seeking counseling for women can be an empowering first step on your journey to get your life back on track. If you feel like your life has never really been on track, counseling can be great to help you build a life that you love. If you are ready to start this journey, please reach out.  We know firsthand that it takes a lot of courage to heal and grow. But, you can do hard things! You deserve to be happy and to live a life that lights you up. And, you deserve to feel like the empowered woman you are!

What to Expect from Counseling for Women in Orange County, CA.

At Moxie Family Therapy in Orange County, we believe in connecting, supporting, and empowering women. Every woman’s strengths, gifts, and needs are different and we are committed to getting to know yours. At the beginning of the therapy process, we will learn about your life, desires, and goals, so that we can help develop a plan for therapy. Our caring therapists will be there to support and guide you, but you will always be the driver. Because, who is more of an expert of your life than you?! Together we will help you to feel better and regain your Moxie!

You can view more information from our home page for Moxie Family Therapy in Orange County, CA. If you have any more questions, we would love for you to read our FAQ page. To get started, simply:

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Other Counseling Services at Moxie Family Therapy

Counseling for women is not the only service that we offer! We can help your whole family in our Orange County Counseling Clinic or via online therapy in California. Other mental health services Moxie Family Therapy provides include EMDR and counseling for trauma, therapy for young adults, counseling for college students, couples counseling, counseling for teen girls, counseling for children, play therapy, art therapy, adoption counseling, and family therapy.

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