Feeling Like I Don’t Belong

Sometimes, you feel like you don’t belong. This feeling of loneliness impacts all aspects of your life and your relationships with others. In fact, you’ve been trying to fit in for so long that you’ve lost track of who you are at the core. Now you’re left wondering what do I like? What’s my opinion on that? Does this actually make me happy? 

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Even though you love your family and they love you in return, you’ve realized you aren’t exactly like them. You just don’t quite fit in. Feeling like an outsider around your own family is miserable. Yet, you want to please them, so you conform. Perhaps, you spend hours getting ready for family gatherings and obsess over what you’ll wear. Maybe, you’ve gone out of your way to do things for them, even though it puts you out. Maybe you’re the liberal in a conservative family. Or the agnostic in a deeply religious family. You’ve tried to ignore your differences to keep the peace, but that’s becoming harder and harder. You just want that feeling of belonging. 

You Want to Be Accepted For Who You Are

Perhaps, they keep asking when you’ll change your ways. This may come in the form of questions such as “When will you settle down?” “Are you planning on starting a family?” “Shouldn’t you get married first?” “What about college?” “Should you be doing that?” At first, you brushed these questions off as your family meaning well. Maybe, you’ve wondered if they have a point. But now, they really bother you and are waring on your patience. You shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and aren’t ready for. So why can’t they back off already?

Maybe, you’ve noticed recently that your opinions really differ from your friends. So, you’ve started to speak less when you’re all together. You don’t want them to judge you or your opinion. You love them and value your friendship, but some of the things they do or say bother you. Yet, you don’t want to cause drama so you try to roll with it and you tell yourself “it’s just the way they are.” Or perhaps, you feel this way around your co-workers. They all seem to get along and have their workplace ‘clicks.’ You want to join in and go to their happy hour after work, but they never invite you. You envy their friendships and wish they would just include you once so they could see how cool you are. 

Treatment for loneliness can help you recognize your best traits.

Regardless of the situation, you often feel like the off woman out. You don’t seem to fit in, even when you really want to. Maybe this makes you withdraw and try to avoid these people. Perhaps, it causes you to spend hours obsessing over ways you could impress them. Regardless, nothing seems to work and this leaves you with a sense of chronic loneliness and misunderstanding. After a while and seemingly constant let down, you find yourself doubting your self-worth. 

When these thoughts creep in, we encourage you to seek treatment for loneliness. These feelings are miserable and can cause serious damage to your mental health. They can lead to a variety of mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, codependency, imposter syndrome, and more. 

“True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are. It requires us to be who we are.” 

– Brene Brown (Braving the Wilderness)

Treatment for Loneliness Can Help You Be Who You Truly Are

It’s time to re-define what belonging means to you. You shouldn’t have to be someone you’re not or go out of your way to make others like you. That is not true affection. Our culture is obsessed with perfectionism and people-pleasing. But the reality is when you can accept who you are at the core and value the things that make you uniquely you. Then you will find that you are better equipped to share your worth with the world. We realize it can be scary and even frightening to show others your authentic self. However, having the courage to present yourself to others as your real authentic self can truly transform your life. To help you do this we will discuss the shame and the insecurities that are holding you back. Then we will discuss how these are illusions and not rooted in reality.

Find your place today with treatment for loneliness.

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At Moxie Family Therapy in Orange County, your caring therapist will help you embrace being vulnerable and authentic. Our hope is that you will find this increased you’re self-esteem because you will then realize how awesome you are and how much you have to offer to others. Ultimately, this will help you find your people. The kind of people who will embrace who you are at your core and love you no matter what. To start finding your people, follow these steps:

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