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Helping women, children and teens find meaning and joy in life again through online therapy in California.

You want therapy, but going to a therapy appointment every week seems overwhelming. Making the time to go to therapy and dealing with California traffic is overwhelming, to say the least. Especially if you live in a big city like Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Fransisco! You’ve tried talking to your friends and your loved ones about your problems, but their advice isn’t always helpful. In fact, it may be hurtful. You simply want someone to listen and offer helpful solutions. 

Most people who start online therapy in California feel like their life is overwhelming and too much. Perhaps you can relate? Maybe, you often feel worried and stressed. Somedays, you feel so overwhelmed you don’t want to do anything. Or, you feel insecure and lost, and you’re not sure what direction to go in life.

Do you ever feel like:

  • You lack the motivation to do anything
  • Feeling joyful doesn’t come easy for you anymore
  • You wake up every morning feeling overwhelmed and depressed
  • Sad, but getting out of it isn’t helpful
  • You’re wandering through life, feeling like something is missing or your balance is “off”

If these sound true for you, we want you to know that many of our clients have shared with us that it was difficult for them to take the initial step and talking to a therapist. But, getting the help you need is a sign of strength. It will help you manage the tough stuff that comes up in your life.

Online therapy is very successful in treating a variety of mental health concerns. In fact, research shows it can be just as successful as in-person therapy.

Online therapy in California can treat:

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Relationship or marital challenges
  • Overwhelm and burnout
  • …and so much more

You don’t have to worry about making time to care for your mental health. Online therapy can help you take care of your mental health so you can feel better and feel like your real self again.

Online Therapy for Women in California:

Women face many unique struggles in their lives. Sometimes, the day to day grind can feel very overwhelming. Perhaps, you’re struggling to balance your work and home responsibilities. Or, you feel so busy taking care of everyone else, that you don’t have the energy to take care of yourself. You may be struggling with anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem. 

Regardless of what you’re struggling with, online therapy can really help. It gives you a place to talk about your struggles so you can overcome them and move forward in your life. If you’re struggling with the problematic symptoms of anxiety, depression, or PTSD then our online therapists can give you valuable coping tips and trauma therapy to help you feel better and find relief.

Online Therapy for Teen Girls in California:

Teens today are busier than ever. Between school, homework, extracurriculars, and their social lives, they may have very little time to add another appointment to their day. Perhaps, your teen has been struggling. You’ve noticed they seem anxious, depressed, or insecure. Maybe you’ve noticed them becoming withdrawn, having trouble in school, or engaging in risky behaviors. Or, maybe your teen has experienced trauma and needs help overcoming the terrible thing that happened to them. 

Whatever your teen is struggling with, our experienced teen therapists can help. Sometimes, teens feel comfortable talking to someone other than their parents in a safe and non-judgemental space. Online teen therapy offers a traditional counseling experience in a flexible and convenient format. We can work around your teen’s busy lifestyle and help them cope with the things that are bothering them, so they can be the amazing young adult you know they are!

Online Therapy for Children in California:

Watching your child struggle can be one of the hardest things a parent can experience. Sometimes, they experience big feelings, but they don’t know how to express them in a healthy way. 

Our therapists are experienced in helping children overcome their challenges so they can get back to enjoying their happy, healthy childhood. In addition to helping your child, we also offer parent coaching and support to help you manage these big emotions at home. 

Online Therapy for Young Adults in Californa:

Being a young adult in today’s world is hard. Perhaps you’re struggling with major life transitions like going to college, moving, or starting a new job. Or, you’re struggling in your relationship or navigating the challenges of dating. Maybe, you’re struggling and using unhealthy coping mechanisms like drinking too much, using drugs, or engaging in risky sexual behaviors to feel better. 

Whatever you are struggling with, we can help. We understand how hard it is to deal with these things and feel like yourself. And, online therapy can really help you feel better and get back on track. It fits into your lifestyle and it is convenient. 

Online Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling in California:

Many couples are struggling right now. Perhaps, you’re struggling to connect with your partner. You argue all the time. Or, you’re experiencing intimacy issues. Maybe, an affair has taken place and you can’t trust them anymore. 

Many couples experience great success in online couples therapy. They make great progress and are able to work on their issues in a safe and supportive space. One major benefit of online couples therapy is that both partners don’t have to coordinate their schedules to find time to make an appointment at a time that works for both of them. Online therapy is flexible. We also offer evening appointments, so we can see you at a time that works in your busy days. 

Online Therapy for Trauma in California

Most people experience some form of trauma in their life. Rather it’s a traumatic breakup, a bad accident, the unexpected death of a loved one, or something very serious like abuse or assault. Whatever happened you may be struggling to make sense of it all. You may need some support in overcoming what happened to you so you can return to living a life you loved. 

We have skilled trauma therapists on staff who are able to provide high-quality trauma treatment online. They can help you navigate the uncomfortable symptoms of PTSD or the fallout from the traumatic experience, so you can take back control of your life and move forward. 

Imagine a life where you could:

  • Stop worrying all the time
  • Figure out who you are and what direction to go in next
  • Finally, be free from constant anxiety, stress, and worry
  • Create a more meaningful life based on what you really want for yourself
  • Get to the root problems and solve those instead of using band-aids or unhelpful coping techniques
  • Navigate Life’s Challenges With Ease

Online Therapy in California helps you rise above your challenges and start moving towards your ideal life with less confusion and more confidence

Our online therapists will help you to develop the effective skills you need to find your way through difficult feelings and situations, and uncover your strengths.

Even if you are nervous about starting therapy, online therapy may be able to help. Our online therapists have helped children, teens, and women overcome the struggles they are facing and learn tools and techniques to cope with challenges they may face in the future. 

Help is available. Begin Online Therapy in California.

Starting online therapy can be nerve-racking at first, but it can also be very beneficial! You can view more information from our home page for Moxie Family Therapy in Orange County, CA. If you have any more questions, we would love for you to read our FAQ page. To get started, simply:

  1. Fill out the form below to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION
  2. Meet with one of our caring therapists
  3. Begin therapy from the comfort of your own home

Other Counseling Services offered at Moxie Family Therapy in California

Online counseling is not the only service that we offer in our Orange County Counseling Clinic. Other mental health services the therapists at Moxie Family Therapy provides include counseling for women, EMDR and counseling for trauma, couples counseling, counseling for teen girls, adoption counseling, counseling for young adults and college students, counseling for children, art therapy, and play therapy. Please contact our therapy clinic to begin working on the issues that matter most to you!

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