An couple sits on either side of a sofa as they avoid each others eyes. They're relationship has been through a lot, and they are seeking marriage counseling in Orange County, CA. Moxie Family Therapy offers couples therapy and marriage counseling in Orange County, CA, relationship counseling, online couples therapy, and more.

5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling

You and your partner can’t communicate without bickering. Perhaps you feel you’re growing to resent your partner. Or, you’re struggling with a lack of intimacy, and hesitant to broach the topic with your partner. If these scenarios sound familiar to you, or you’re dealing with something very similar, you and your spouse might be goodContinue reading “5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling”

A woman appears upset as she holds her clenched fist against her forehead. She is looking at her phone, and is annoyed with her partner ignoring Covid-19 restrictions. They think they might need couples therapy in Orange County, CA. Contact Moxie Family Therapy for marriage counseling, couples counseling, relationship counseling, and more.

What to do when you and your partner disagree on Covid-19 restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented countless challenges for couples. Some have had to delay weddings or other major commitments. Others argue more after so much time at home together. As a result, some have started couples therapy as a result. And, some can’t help but disagree on what steps they should take to protect themselvesContinue reading “What to do when you and your partner disagree on Covid-19 restrictions”

Man standing beside his wife teaching their child how to ride bicycle to Help their kid Deal with Stress During the Pandemic.

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Deal with Stress During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has been stressful for everyone. We have found that many parents are asking how they can help their kids during the pandemic. For many children, this has been an especially confusing time. Perhaps your own child has been feeling overwhelmed lately. Maybe they have had to attend school online, and they miss seeing friendsContinue reading “5 Ways to Help Your Kids Deal with Stress During the Pandemic”

4 Things to Let Go of During Quarantine

Quarantine sucks, especially for moms. We’re the gatekeepers of our family’s routine, the trackers of all the things. One would think that cutting off all social interaction and isolating at home would give us some reprieve—a break from the chaos of keeping track of birthday parties, invites and presents; juggling school or sports practice pick-upsContinue reading “4 Things to Let Go of During Quarantine”

Holiday scene with a family on a computer. There is also a christmas tree, a santa hat hanging off the screen, and a nearby present resting on the desk. Moxie Family Therapy offers emdr therapy, counseling for women in orange county, family therapy, and more. Contact us today for the support you deserve!

Creating New Holiday Traditions During Covid-19

Thanksgiving 2020 looked a lot different than we thought it would. Many long-held traditions were skipped this year. The loss of our traditions can be disappointing, depressing, and even anxiety producing. However, changing things up opens the door to new possibilities. As we move through the next three weeks, many will likely feel the lossContinue reading “Creating New Holiday Traditions During Covid-19”

Woman standing outside on a gray day. She is struggling with anxiety and depression, and has been seeking the right treatment. Moxie Family Therapy offers emdr treatment in california. Contact us today for emdr therapy for ptsd, and more.

EMDR Therapy Worked For Jo on Grey’s Anatomy, But Can it Work for Me?

If you are a big Grey’s fan, you probably saw the episode last year where Jo works with a therapist on her long history of trauma. If you don’t have experience with EMDR therapy, it may not have really registered for you. Some people I ask about the episode don’t really remember much of it.Continue reading “EMDR Therapy Worked For Jo on Grey’s Anatomy, But Can it Work for Me?”


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