5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling

An couple sits on either side of a couch after an argument. Represents how online relationship counseling in orange county, ca can help.
A couple face away from one another on either side of a sofa. They believe their relationship could benefit from online marriage counseling in orange county, ca.

You and your partner can’t communicate without bickering. Perhaps you feel you’re growing to resent your partner. Or, you’re struggling with a lack of intimacy, and hesitant to broach the topic with your partner. If these scenarios sound familiar to you, or you’re dealing with something very similar, you and your spouse might be good candidates for marriage counseling. Curious about whether it’s time to book a session with a therapist?

Here are five signs that you and your partner may benefit from marriage counseling or couples therapy:

1. You’re Nervous to Talk About Your Problems

Do you ever feel nervous to tell your partner when you’re feeling upset? Maybe you’ve been trying to brush your problems under the rug for a while. 

You know that everything you’re leaving unsaid is affecting your relationship. And yet you’re so worried about your partner’s reaction that you just can’t open up.

You may be experiencing codependency in your relationship. You might struggle with recognizing and expressing your desires and needs. It’s possible that you focus more on pleasing your partner and find that you have lost yourself in the relationship. 

Or, you might suspect that your partner is struggling with something in secret, and they’re hesitant to bring it up. In either case, talking to a marriage counselor may help you open up to each other.

2. You Feel Resentment Building

Resentment can spell the downfall of a relationship. A part of you has begun to resent your partner because you feel like they’re holding you back. Or perhaps your partner has expressed resentment towards you for your choices or beliefs.

A couple face away from one another as they sit on a couch. Represents that they are  trying to work through their differences with couples therapy and marriage counseling in orange county, ca

It can be extremely hurtful to be on the receiving end of such comments. And if you’re the one feeling resentment towards your partner, you may feel guilty for thinking such negative thoughts about them. You may miss the loving feelings you used to experience.

If resentment is bringing down your relationship, marriage counseling can help. It allows you to get to the roots of these emotions and turn things around.

3. You’re Both Blaming Each Other

Problem-solving cannot be a one-sided endeavor. But if you’re facing a major problem in your marriage, it’s all too easy to place the blame on your partner and absolve yourself. On the other hand, you may be frustrated with your partner because they refuse to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

If you want to heal your marriage, you will both need to accept that you’ve made mistakes. You’ll both need to make changes in your lives and your behavior towards each other. Acknowledging your flaws can be difficult, but a marriage counselor can help you both throughout the process.

4. You’re Considering Leaving

Shows a woman thinking about leaving her relationship. Symbolizes how a marriage counselor in orange county, ca can help you navigate your relationship or leaving it.

You’ve started picturing your life without your spouse. Maybe you even daydream about dating other people. You worry that if things don’t get better soon, you’ll do something you regret.

If these thoughts are running through your mind, it’s time to see a marriage counselor. You don’t want to wait to address these pressing issues.

5. A Lack of Affection

Do you feel like the intimacy is gone between you and your spouse? Have you tried to address this issue on your own and feel like nothing has changed for the better?

This can be a sensitive problem for many couples. Talking to a marriage counselor about intimacy is less anxiety-inducing than you might think. And, marriage counseling may help you find a solution.

Begin Marriage Counseling in Orange County, CA

A smiling couple lay on a blanket in the lush grass. Represents how their marriage is stronger after seeing a marriage counselor in orange county, ca

Are you worried about the future of your relationship? Have you and your partner grown distant? Professional marriage counseling can help to strengthen your relationship. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help. Our therapy practice can give you the support your relationship deserves. Follow these simple steps to set up a consultation or schedule an appointment for counseling in Orange County:

  1. Click here to schedule your first session or set up a free consultation.
  2. Meet with a member of our team who specializes in marriage counseling.
  3. Start the process of giving your relationship the help and support that it needs.

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Life is complex and therefore a person’s mental health needs are often complex as well. At Moxie Family Therapy, we offer psychotherapy for women, teens, girls, and families with many different mental health needs. Therefore, marriage counseling and couples therapy aren’t the only services that we offer in our Orange County Counseling Clinic or via Online Counseling. Other mental health services Moxie Family Therapy provides include treatment for loneliness, therapy for trauma (EMDR) counseling for young adults, counseling for college students, counseling for teens, counseling for women, counseling for children, play therapy, art therapy, and family therapy. While most of our clients are local to Orange County, our online services allow us to help anyone in the state of California. The road you’ve been on is difficult, but we believe you deserve healing. Call to start therapy, and together with your therapist. You can start a new journey toward healing today.

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