5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling

You and your partner can’t communicate without bickering. Perhaps you feel you’re growing to resent your partner. Or, you’re struggling with a lack of intimacy, and hesitant to broach the topic with your partner. If these scenarios sound familiar to you, or you’re dealing with something very similar, you and your spouse might be goodContinue reading “5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling”

What to do when you and your partner disagree on Covid-19 restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented countless challenges for couples. Some have had to delay weddings or other major commitments. Others argue more after so much time at home together. As a result, some have started couples therapy as a result. And, some can’t help but disagree on what steps they should take to protect themselvesContinue reading “What to do when you and your partner disagree on Covid-19 restrictions”

4 Things to Let Go of During Quarantine

Quarantine sucks, especially for moms. We’re the gatekeepers of our family’s routine, the trackers of all the things. One would think that cutting off all social interaction and isolating at home would give us some reprieve—a break from the chaos of keeping track of birthday parties, invites and presents; juggling school or sports practice pick-upsContinue reading “4 Things to Let Go of During Quarantine”

What is Online Therapy?

Therapy has completely changed since COVID 19.  None of us could ever have imagined that at any point in our lives, therapy would be done almost completely online.  But, COVID 19 has caused so many changes in our day to day lives. So being able to start psychotherapy from the comfort of your own homeContinue reading “What is Online Therapy?”