5 Daily Coping Strategies to Manage SAD

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Do you feel like your mood dips as the weather gets colder? The short days and long nights seem to bring down your spirits. You find yourself losing interest in your favorite hobbies. Maybe you even feel like it’s hard to get out of bed some days.

And to your frustration, this happens every year like clockwork. While everyone else is getting excited about the winter activities, you feel you’re getting stuck in a rut that will take months to climb out of.

If you relate to these problems, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. When winter rolls around, many people who live in areas with cold climates deal with SAD. For some, this is caused by a vitamin D deficiency, and for others, it’s simply a reaction to this chilly, dark time of year.

If you’re tired of dealing with the burden of SAD every year, these simply coping strategies can help ease your symptoms:

1. Go For a Stroll

In many areas, it’s not possible to get enough vitamin D simply from sun exposure during the winter. However, this doesn’t mean that going outside won’t ease your SAD symptoms!

Simply heading out the front door and going for a stroll can work wonders. Maybe you have a few minutes to walk around the block during your lunch break. Or maybe you can bundle up in the morning and get some fresh air before starting your day.

2. Get Some Vitamin D

Since the sun can’t provide you with all the vitamin D you need during the winter, you’ll need to get plenty of this essential vitamin through your diet. Try cooking some new recipes that include ingredients that are rich in vitamin D.

You can also get vitamin D through fortified foods or supplements. If this is the easiest solution for you, check out the selection at your local health food store and ask your doctor how much you should take.

3. Connect With a Loved One

During this time of year, you may feel you lose touch with your loved ones as soon as the holidays are over. Everyone is hunkering down and getting back to work. You don’t have as much to look forward to, your schedule is packed, and you’re spending more time alone than you’d like.

The solution? Make it a point to connect with your loved ones over the phone or in-person a couple times per week. Even if you’re just video chatting, it will put a smile on your face!

4. Write Your Thoughts Down

Sometimes, you just need to vent. Getting your thoughts down on a blank sheet of paper can help you clear your mind. Many people who deal with depression or anxiety find that journaling helps to ease their stress.

You can write about whatever you want in your journal – your current frustrations, your hopes for the future, your experiences with SAD, or even creative short stories and poetry. There are no limits!

5. Work Out

Throughout the winter, we tend to skip out on fitness. But working out can be a great mood booster, and it can definitely help you manage your SAD symptoms.

That’s because exercise releases endorphins, which are basically chemicals that make us feel good – it’s a natural, healthy way to lift your spirits! Try to make time for a few workout sessions every week. You’ll probably notice a difference in your mood!

Are you struggling with SAD? Do you wish for support on gloomy winter days? Therapy can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about how therapy can help people dealing with SAD.

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