The Science and Creativity of ‘The Nature Fix’ in Orange County, CA

Shows a sunset at the beach. Represents how online therapy for anxiety in orange county, ca and nature can help with your mental health.
Shows the ocean. Represents how water can make you feel calm and so can the support from online therapy in orange county, ca.

Nature is good for you and it has benefits. Did you know that just looking at the water for 20 minutes can totally turn your day around? That is one of the many concepts that I love to bring up to clients and use as a resource from this book called “The Nature Fix“. I have caught myself using this book and the research in it, in conversations quite a bit over the past few months. I thought “Hey! This might be useful for my blog as well!”

It’s not a secret that nature has Incredible benefits for us. We are all basically houseplants who need water, sunlight, and some fresh air to survive. But most of the conversations around nature, technology, and productivity focus on the negative. Specifically, they talk about all the ways screens, being indoors, sitting for prolonged periods of time, etc. are bad for our health. Of course, I believe that is important information to have. But I also struggle with the “Okay, now what do I do?” aspect of things. That’s why I love “The Nature Fix”.

It’s Super Helpful, Realistic, and, Of Course, Grounded in Sound Research.

The author who is an experienced journalist, found herself facing a move from Boulder, CO to the suburbs of Washington D.C. While that might sound like a really exciting career opportunity, and I’m sure it was, she very quickly realized that this bustling metropolis with its traffic jams and the concrete jungles wasn’t very healthy for her. Her overall well-being, happiness, and productivity suffered when she made the move.

And it Just so Happened to Coincide With Her Writing About this Topic of Nature and its Effect on Us in Modern Society.

Shows a sunset on the beach. Represents how nature can help with mental health and so can the support from online therapy in orange county, ca

In subsequent months and years, she had the opportunity to do on-location, experiential research with world-renowned academic researchers. They introduced her to concepts like the Japanese art of forest bathing and other things that we everyday Americans would typically not get the opportunity to experience. Of course, I highly recommend that you read this for yourself! But what I want to share with you today are some key takeaways that I have found helpful in my own life and when talking to stressed-out, high-achieving women in Orange County, CA. Ones who are looking for ways to better their physical and mental health. This won’t be the only post talking about these types of concepts.

Even in Orange County, CA We are House Plants Who Need Nature to Thrive

I really want to be helpful to my clients in Orange County, the LA area, Irvine, Tustin, and even throughout the state of California to put these tips into action. Of course, if we could spend all day every day at the beach we would. Isn’t that why we live here? But, that simply isn’t realistic for most of us.

Take Some Time to Look at the Water

If possible, I would recommend taking some time every week to look at the water for 20-30 minutes. Whether that’s the ocean, a lake, or a pond around you. It can even be your own swimming pool. Water helps ground us. It helps us feel more creative, connected and gives a sense of calm that so many anxious women I know are desperately looking for.

Trees, Not Only Do They Look Beautiful, but They Help Us

Shows palm trees in California. Represents how trees can increase the sense of calm you can feel and working with an online therapist in orange county, ca can help you incorporate more nature.

Another tip that I learned when reading this book, has to do with the power of trees on our overall well-being. Research shows that simply breathing in the essence of trees when we have to be indoors can decrease blood pressure, decrease resting heart rate, and increase a sense of calm overall. If you aren’t able to spend time around trees regularly, consider getting Cyprus oil or another comparable essential oil to use in a diffuser or humidifier at home each night.

Change Your Surroundings to Incorporate Nature

For those of us with flexible or remote work, even if it has to be done on screen, I would encourage you to consider different surroundings. Choose surroundings where you can view more nature or infuse nature into your workspaces. Even those who go into offices, if you are able to have plants around you, or scenery pictures, or a window if you are so lucky.

Anything that gives you a daily dose of nature can help you feel more connected to the outside world even though you have to be inside. However, I would still encourage you to find local parks, paths, getaway opportunities, or weekend trips to get regular actual fresh air, sunlight, and exposure to the elements.

From an Evolutionary Standpoint, this is What We Need.

We are all constantly trying to get back to what we need at the most primal level. But most of us, especially those of us who live in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine, and Tustin aren’t always able to do this. It takes planning and intentionality, but, my friends, it is worth it. Over the next few months, I will be writing about local places to visit in California. Some will be more nature focused and some won’t.

But I would love to hear from you! How do you get your dose of nature? How do you feel most connected to the outdoors around here? Are there go-to weekend getaway spots that you love? Are there places that you can visit on your lunch break or after work? Or for a quick walk after dropping kids off at care? Share them in the comments below or message us privately. In the meantime…

Find Ways to Incorporate Nature with Online Therapy in Orange County, CA

Even though we live in California doesn’t mean that we have the luxury of unlimited outdoor activities. Finding ways to increase this time with nature through can be a great tool for improving our mental and emotional health. At Moxie Family Therapy, we know the benefits of nature and how it can improve the lives of our clients who are struggling with anxiety and stress. Our team of caring therapists is here to help you find ways to incorporate nature into your daily life and help you gain the benefits nature has to offer. To start your therapy journey with Moxie Family Therapy, please follow these simple steps:

Other Therapy Services Offered at Moxie Family Therapy

At Moxie Family Therapy, we know fitting nature into your schedule can be hard when life gets busy. The benefits are great when you can get them but sometimes that’s not realistic. That’s why we offer a variety of therapy services to help you get the care and guidance you need along with filling in any of the gaps that nature can’t. We provide a variety of therapy services online and in-person at our Orange County, CA-based practice. We offer counseling for young adultschildrenwomenteens, and couples. Additionally, we offer therapy for therapistsclinical supervision, adoption therapyart therapy, and play therapyOur team is also happy to support the LGBTQ+ community. Contact us today and learn how we can help you reclaim your moxie.

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Melissa Mellon, LMFT is a compassionate therapist in Orange County, CA, who understands the challenges women with anxiety face. Melissa recognizes the therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature and the positive impact it can have on mental health. As a therapist, Melissa provides a safe and supportive space for women to work through their anxiety and develop coping strategies. She draws upon her experience in family conflict and trauma to help her clients build fulfilling and healthy lives. Melissa offers a consultation to see if she would be a good fit for those looking to improve their mental health and find peace in Orange County’s natural surroundings.

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