4 Signs Your Child Could Benefit from Play or Art Therapy

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For children, opening up about their emotions can be challenging. If you are the parent of a child who is going through a difficult time, you may worry that your attempts to support and help them aren’t getting very far. Every time you try to get through to your child, they clam up. Or maybe they’re dealing with something that can’t be solved simply by talking it out.

You might be thinking about having your child work with a therapist. But traditional talk therapy usually isn’t a good fit for kids. While this approach can work for adults, children may find it confusing or even boring. Instead, consider art or play therapy for your child. Here are a few signs your child might be a good fit for art or play therapy.

Trouble Expressing Intense Emotions

Many children find it difficult to express their intense emotions in a healthy way. They may act rambunctious when they are supposed to be calm. Or they might be prone to temper tantrums, crying, or outbursts. Punishment and discouragement can make the problem worse—instead, children need healthy outlets for expressing their feeling. They need to be taught how to recognize and express them. Art therapy or play therapy can be a perfect fit.

Whether your child has ADHD, anxiety, depression, or behavioral issues, art therapy can provide them with the time, space, and tools they need to explore their emotions in a safe and constructive way. Creative expression can be the key!

Lack of Self Confidence

Maybe your child is having trouble in school. Perhaps they are not getting good grades, and they haven’t adapted well to a classroom environment. This can be distressing for a child. They might receive lots of criticism and negative feedback daily, contributing to an overall lack of self-confidence. They might feel like they are trying their best in school, but their best just isn’t good enough.

If your child is suffering from low self-confidence that makes it hard to thrive in a traditional classroom setting, they might crave positive feedback. Through art or play therapy, they can enjoy their time doing activities that allows them to use their imagination rather than trying to adhere to strict rules. Their therapist can help them explore their strengths and develop their creativity.

Difficulty Focusing

Lots of kids have trouble staying focused. For starters, kids naturally have shorter attention spans! But for many kids, the problem runs deeper than that.

They may feel bored easily and have trouble concentrating because they are dealing with a mental health issue. Sometimes, they might not be able to focus because they don’t understand the lessons taught in their classroom, or because they’re particularly gifted and wish they could work on something more challenging. In art therapy, the therapist can tailor activities to their interests and skill levels, making it more intellectually stimulating.

Struggling with the Words to Tell You What’s Wrong

Sometimes, your child just might not have the words to explain what’s wrong. They may be hesitant to open up to anyone. In art or play therapy, a therapist can simply observe your child as they create or play. They can allow the conversation to flow naturally.

Talk therapy can feel intimidating for a child. But in art or play therapy, the therapist can create a safe, stress-free, welcoming environment for a child. Through creative expression, your child can be taught the skills they need to put words to their feelings.

Are you worried about your child’s mental health? Do you think your child would benefit from going to art or play therapy? Discussing your options with a therapist can help you make the right decision. Reach out to us today to learn more about art and play therapy for kids.

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