Anxiety As A College Student

A student stands looking at a college building. This could represent the stress therapy for college students in California can address. Learn more about therapy for young adults in Orange County, CA by contacting a young adult therapist in Orange County, CA. 92701

There is so much about the college experience that can be anxiety-inducing. And not to mention, we’ve been in a pandemic for the past two years. So, the college experience you’ve been looking for likely looks much different than expected.

A group of students study together for a test. This could represent overcoming test anxiety. Contact a young adult therapist in Orange County, CA to learn more about therapy for young adults and college students today. 92701

Our therapists have heard the full spectrum of worries from college students. They may relate to the social anxiety about making and keeping friends. Or, the stress about intense course loads and work hours. Regardless, moving from high school to college is a huge transition. And it often brings on much more responsibility for young adults. Oftentimes, this leads to increased stress and even anxiety during the college years.

Social Anxiety

Whether you know it or not, social anxiety is pretty common among college students and young adults these days. When you think about it, it makes sense. You’re moving to a new place and likely living with someone you’ve never spent so much time with. There can be some pretty sticky situations that come up with roommates. Thus, bringing up social anxiety. All humans want to be liked. So, living with someone you may not gel with can bring up insecurities and anxiety symptoms.

Making friends in college can be very challenging when you have social anxiety. Worries about how to fit in by wearing the right things, saying the right things, and laughing at the right time can be overwhelming. Sometimes, social anxiety makes you want to not socialize at all, which can lead you to isolation. And when you isolate yourself, it can be even harder to make yourself get out and make friends. Without helpful coping skills, social anxiety can take over and block you from your goals.

Test Anxiety

A young adult covers their face with an open textbook nearby. Therapy for college students in California can help you overcome test anxiety. Contact a young adult therapist in Orange County, CA to learn more about therapy for young adults and college students today! 92701

For many, college courses create a lot of anxiety. The idea that you must submit assignments and perform well enough on exams to get a degree that dictates much of your future is… scary. The “what ifs” can run rampant in your mind. “If I don’t do well on this exam, I’ll fail this course. And if I fail this course, I won’t move toward my dream of becoming (insert profession here). If I don’t meet this goal, I will be a failure. A disappointment…” Sound familiar?

Test anxiety can impede other aspects of your life besides academics. If you’re stressing about an exam, you may have trouble staying in contact with your new friends at school. This can make it challenging to build a social circle and actually connect with friends. Likewise, you may forget to eat or take care of your hygiene. Test anxiety can take a lot from you during your time in college.


There is a range of phobias folks in the college experience. One of the most common is a phobia of public speaking. Many students have never had to practice public speaking before college. And if you’ve gone 18+ years without doing something, it can be intimidating! Additionally, when a grade in a course relies on public speaking it makes sense that you’d be anxious about it. Being graded on something you’re fearful of feels unfair. But you have to do it. So, how do you work through public speaking when you have a phobia of it?

Therapy for Young Adults Can Help with College Anxiety

You may be struggling with social anxiety, test anxiety, or a phobia of public speaking. If so, working with a young adult therapist can help. The therapists at our practice in Orange County, CA who work with college students and young adults have helped them with these issues in the past. We’ve seen how challenging these anxieties can be during the college years. And we want nothing but the most positive, healthy college experience for you possible.

A group of college students walk together to their next class. This could represent the support therapy for college students in California can offer. Learn more about therapy for young adults and college students by contacting a young adult therapist in Orange County, CA today! 92701

Therapy for college students in California can help you identify the roots of anxiety caused by college experiences. A young adult therapist can then help you work through your struggles. Together, you can find tangible solutions to help reduce your anxiety. A young adult therapist will also help you develop coping skills to find ways to work around and manage anxiety. If you’re a young adult or college student struggling with anxiety, consider reaching out to our therapists.

Begin Therapy for Young Adults in Orange County, CA

You won’t be the first or the last to seek out support from our therapists for anxiety during young adulthood. Processing anxious thoughts and tendencies and developing coping skills can make a difference in your day-to-day functioning. This can help you complete schoolwork and meet your dreams in many areas of life. We would be happy to support you from our Orange County, CA-based practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

Other Services Offered at Moxie Family Therapy in California

Therapy for young adults isn’t the only service offered at our practice in Orange County, CA. Our team of therapists also offers support for children, teens, and couples across the state via online therapy. These services include therapy for anxiety, therapy for therapists, clinical supervision, adoption therapy, art therapy, counseling for adoption, and play therapy.

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