Handling Fear With A Newborn

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You find yourself waking up panicking that your baby has stopped breathing. Your partner is caring for your child while you are out. But, you find yourself needing hourly check-ins. Otherwise, you feel the sense of dread creeping up on you. You don’t let anyone else watch your baby because you’re so afraid of what might happen if you’re not there. You’re not alone in this Mama.

Postpartum Anxiety is Pretty Common

Approximately 10% of moms experience postpartum anxiety and even more deal with postpartum depression or other mood disorders. This isn’t only the “baby blues.” And you don’t have to put up with feeling anxious all the time!

Postpartum anxiety is sometimes brought about by a traumatic birth experience. But, at other times it just… happens. Here at Moxie Family Therapy, our experienced counselors treat postpartum anxiety and fear surrounding your newborn.

What is Postpartum Anxiety?

Postpartum anxiety can show up in many different ways. For some mamas, it presents as hypervigilance. Constant research and worrying about if you are doing a good job. Sometimes it shows up as panic attacks, where you have a physical reaction to the fear you feel. If you are experiencing any of these, you might be living with postpartum anxiety.

Signs and Symptoms of Postpartum Anxiety

  • Feeling nervous or worried about your baby
  • Snapping at loved ones
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  • Hypervigilance: always looking out for danger
  • Poor concentration
  • Racing or unwanted thoughts
  • A sense of doom or feeling like something bad will happen

How Do You Know When it’s More than Normal Worry?

It is completely normal to experience some fear and anxiety with a newborn. Especially during and after Covid-19. After all, your little one is so so tiny and certainly didn’t come with an instruction guide! But, for many mothers, it moves beyond a little bit of fear and caution to an overwhelming feeling of dread. So much so, it can impact their daily life.

Healthy worry can look like double-checking the car seat to be sure it’s in tight every once in a while. Worry begins to lean toward postpartum anxiety if or when it becomes a compulsion. This could look like intense worry about your baby’s car seat. For example, you may not be able to do anything if you haven’t checked and re-checked the seatbelt. Or, you may have to even triple-check when another person puts your baby in, even your trusted partner. Going through life every day with a newborn, along with intense postpartum anxiety, can make parenthood tough.

What Does Anxiety Treatment for Postpartum Parents Look Like at Moxie?

Our therapists understand the weight that bringing home new baby bears. We have years of experience working with parents suffering from postpartum anxiety, depression, and other concerns. As a result, we’ve gained some great knowledge and skills to help. We know that each family and parent is unique. Each has their own lived experiences, knowledge, and support systems. Likewise, we know that previous encounters with pregnancy, miscarriage, IVF, and traumatic birth can impact your experiences today as a parent.

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When you work with a therapist at our Orange County, CA counseling practice, you’ll be met with curiosity and compassion. We want to know your story and how you’ve gotten to where you are today. Then, we can work together to find solutions and coping skills. It is our goal to help you learn skills to support you and your family today and for years to come.

Begin Postpartum Anxiety Treatment in Orange County

The constant worry and double, even triple-checking on your baby can drain your energy fast. Struggling with postpartum anxiety is not only “something in your head.” It’s very real and it’s very valid. Start working with one of our therapists. Together, you can address postpartum anxiety and get the support you deserve today. To start your therapy journey with Moxie Family Therapy, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Moxie Family Therapy
  2. Meet with a caring therapist
  3. Start coping with newborn related anxiety

Other Services Offered with Moxie Family Therapy in California

Postpartum anxiety treatment isn’t the only service provided at our Orange County, CA-based therapy practice. We are happy to offer support to the LGBTQ community, young adultschildrenteens, and couples. Mental health services our team provides include therapy for anxietytherapy for therapistsclinical supervision, adoption therapyart therapy, and play therapy. You can learn more by visiting our blog or contact page today!

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