What is Online Therapy?

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Laptop, notebook, and coffee cup rest on a wooden table. A small plant is behind the computer as well. Moxie Family Therapy offers online therapy in orange county, ca. Contact us today for online therapy for anxiety in orange county, ca, online trauma therapy in orange county, ca, and throughout the state with online therapy in California.

Therapy has completely changed since COVID 19.  None of us could ever have imagined that at any point in our lives, therapy would be done almost completely online.  But, COVID 19 has caused so many changes in our day to day lives. So being able to start psychotherapy from the comfort of your own home (or office, car, jacuzzi…) is likely here to stay.  Therapist, clients, and hopefully insurance companies all over the country have realized that not only is virtual therapy possible. But, it can be as effective as sitting on a therapist’s couch. 

Times Have Changed, and So Has Therapy

Since the transition from therapy sessions in the office to online, most of our clients have been incredibly happy with the experience.  Whether you need help with anxiety, depression, trauma, or want to work on your marriage, we have found that the biggest factors to your therapy experience are:  the relationship with your therapist and the work that you are willing to put in.  

Over the past few decades, there is no doubt that technology has changed our lives.  You can have food delivered, receive news alerts, and even find a date for Saturday night. All with a few clicks on your miniature handheld device.  It makes sense that taking care of your mental health should become more accessible and convenient.  With the current rise of online therapy in California, the support you need is quite literally at your fingertips. 

Taking the steps needed to get the help you need requires so much courage.  Far too many of us find a variety of reasons to avoid starting therapy, even though we know it will be good for us.  With online therapy, you can eliminate previous obstacles. Like, dealing with California traffic, scheduling conflicts, and child care issues. Instead, you can meet with a qualified therapist from the comfort of your own home. 

So, What is Online Therapy?

Redheaded woman sits on bed with a cat in her lap. She is on her laptop looking up options for online therapy in orange county, ca. Moxie Family Therapy offers online therapy in california, online therapy for women in california, online therapy for teen girls, and more.

You guessed it… online therapy in California is exactly as it sounds.  It is almost exactly the same as a therapy session in a professional office, except that the setting is different.  You will set an appointment with your therapist and meet on a confidential platform or website.  Most of the time, you will simply click a link that your therapist provides you… and you don’t even have to be internet savvy!  You can meet with your therapist on any device that has internet capacity, be it a phone, computer, or tablet.

Here are a few reasons why online therapy in California could be right for you, even after the world opens back up again…

Online Therapy Fits With Your Schedule

You’re busy.  We get it!  Sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day.  Life may have slowed down a bit during COVID 19, but for most of us, we are still juggling a lot.  Whether you are going to work, working from home, homeschooling, or helping your kids with virtual learning… life is busy. With online therapy, you can meet with your therapist whenever! Before you start your workday, on your lunch break, while your kiddo is napping. Or, while you are waiting in your car during your child’s soccer practice.

Online Therapy in California Allows You to Meet With A Therapist From Anywhere

African American businesswoman smiles as she types on her laptop outside. She is looking up options for online therapy in orange county, ca. Moxie Family Therapy offers online therapy in california, online trauma therapy in orange county, ca, and more.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to try and find the right therapist for you.  Maybe there doesn’t seem to be a therapist in Orange County or your town that seems like a good fit.  Or perhaps you live in a rural area and finding a local therapist that you like seems almost impossible.  With online therapy, location is no longer an obstacle.  Most therapist’s state license allows them to meet with a client that is located anywhere in their state.  This can open up many options for you to find that one online therapist in California that will be the absolute best fit for you.

You Can Meet An Online Therapist in Orange County, CA From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Starting therapy can feel like such a scary leap.  It takes a lot of courage to reach out and seek the help that you need.  Maybe you’d feel more at ease if you could meet your new therapist while your dog is snuggled on your lap, and you are wearing your most cozy leggings?  Maybe you have a disability that makes traveling to a therapy office challenging.  Or perhaps some days you feel so much anxiety that the idea of leaving the house seems almost impossible.  Online therapy takes away so many barriers and can make the process much more comfortable during a really challenging time.   

Begin Online Therapy in Orange County, CA

Time, comfort, access. There are so many more factors that provide online therapy with countless advantages. Our Orange County-based therapy practice offers online therapy in California. The best part is, you can start today! Don’t wait any longer to get the help that you need. Get in contact with one of our caring therapists today. Begin online therapy in California with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Click here to schedule a free consultation, or click the button below  
  2. Meet with one of our caring and qualified online therapists
  3. Begin therapy from the comfort of your own home

Other Services Offered At Moxie Family Therapy

Online therapy in California is not the only service we offer based in our Orange County, CA therapy practice. Other mental health services Moxie Family Therapy offers include  EMDR therapy for trauma, therapy for teenstherapy for young adults and college students, couples therapy, counseling for women, therapy for children, play therapy, art therapy, and family therapy. If you have any other questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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