How Private Pay Therapists Benefit Women Looking for Empowerment in Orange County, CA

Shows a woman celebrating her empowerment. Represents how working with a private pay therapist in orange county ca will support your journey to empowerment.

Seeking empowerment doesn’t always align with insurance and what they deem “medically necessary” treatment. They don’t see women trying to break free of the cycles of oppression, trauma, and limiting beliefs as something that needs to be treated. Unless it can be diagnosed and described with a DSM code.

This is why private pay therapists have been breaking away from the insurance system. As it limits the ability to explore and treat women holistically. Private pay therapists in Orange County, CA are allowed to create a treatment plan that is going to support you. Even if the approaches are more creative and outside of the box. In this blog, we are going to explore some of the ways private pay therapists can help you achieve empowerment and find the treatments that best suit you.

Empowerment is a Vision of Your Well-Being, Not a Diagnosis

Shows a woman feeling empowered. Represents how private pay therapy in orange county ca can work with women toward their vision of empowerment.

As I briefly touched on above, insurance companies do not consider women seeking empowerment medically necessary. As empowerment is not a diagnosis. Which, they are absolutely correct about. Empowerment is not a diagnosis but rather a vision of what you want for yourself and your well-being.

When working with a private pay therapist rather than a therapist through your insurance, you are able to build this vision. Together with your therapist, you can create a treatment plan that will help you build the skills, coping mechanisms, or confidence you need. This way you can make this vision a reality. For example, if you are struggling with trauma but don’t want to be limited in what treatments you can receive or want to explore other services, like yoga or meditation, a private pay therapist can help you get these treatments and create a plan that will empower you.

Longer AppointmentsMean You Can Cover More Ground

When working with a therapist through your insurance, your appointments are dictated by your insurance company. They will tell your therapists how long they think your appointments should last and even the duration of therapy your need. How do they decide all of this? By doing a brief assessment. That’s it. They don’t get to know you, your goals, or what you need.

When you’re in private pay therapy, your therapist actually gets to know you on a personal level. They will share in your pain and happiness. But they will also want to help you achieve the empowerment you crave as a woman. One who has to battle the stigmas of society every single day and comes through triumphant. And since you are paying out of pocket, you will have more say in how long your appointments will be. But also when and if you need to extend or end therapy.

Specialized Treatment That Focuses On Empowerment

Shows a woman working with a therapist for women in orange county, ca. Represents how a private pay therapist in orange county ca will create a treatment plan that will support you.

It can be hard to get into specialized therapists when working with your insurance. That is- if they even cover it. When you are opting for a private pay therapist in Orange County, CA you will have more options at your fingertips. You will be able to choose from many therapists who are specialized in many niches. This way you can find a therapist that can focus on an area that will help build up your vision of empowerment.

From exploring the traumas of your past to developing healthy coping methods for the present, you can find one with ease. For example, if you are wanting a therapist that focuses on trauma-informed care, you got it. Or, if you are wanting a therapist that works on self-esteem, you can find that too. Not to mention any other specialty. You are no longer limited to what specialty or approach a therapist can offer. That’s almost empowering in and of itself.

Treat Your Whole Self

Shows a woman meditating. Symbolizes how empowering women in orange county, ca can help them find the treatments that help them, their bodies, minds, and emotions best.

When you are working with your private pay therapist, you will be able to take a more holistic approach to your therapy sessions. This means you will be able to address more than just your mental aspects. You will be able to address the emotional, physical, and even social aspects of your life as a woman. And how they impact you.

This can be so refreshing for a woman because it acknowledges that women’s empowerment is multi-dimensional. It acknowledges that it involves various interconnected factors that impact their well-being. Your therapist is then able to approach your therapy more comprehensively and help you create a plan that is exactly what you need. Because it is literally individualized to your emotions, social aspects, and psychological well-being.

Empower Yourself By Working with a PrivatePay Therapist in Orange County, CA

Finding empowerment can be difficult through traditional means of finding a therapist. Whereas a private pay therapist is more able to work with you on a personal level. Whether that be through longer appointments or specialized treatment, you can find exactly what you need to create the vision of empowerment that is unique to you. At Moxie Family Therapy, we will be with you the whole time while you make your vision of empowerment become a reality. We will be there for support and guidance so you can know what piece to focus on next. To start your therapy journey at Moxie Family Therapy, please follow these simple steps:

Other Therapy Services Offered at Moxie Family Therapy

At Moxie Family Therapy, we are private pay therapists who want to offer you services that will actually serve you and your needs. We offer a variety of therapy services for this reason- so you don’t have to settle. Our therapists provide various therapy services online and in-person at our Orange County, CA-based practice. We offer therapy for young adultschildren, womenteens, and couples. Additionally, we provide therapy for therapistsclinical supervision, counseling for adoption, art therapy, and play therapy. Our team is also happy to support the LGBTQ+ community. Contact us today and we will support you on your journey to reclaiming your moxie.

About the Author

Shows Melissa Mellon a therapist and owner of Moxie Family Therapy. Represents how working with a private pay therapist in orange county ca will benefit your therapy goals.

Melissa Mellon, LMFT, is a compassionate therapist at Moxie Family Therapy located in Orange County, CA. She specializes in helping women create their vision for the future and find empowerment. Melissa understands the unique challenges that women face and also recognizes the many aspects that can impact a woman’s well-being. With Melissa’s expertise, women seeking private pay therapy can expect a safe and supportive space to work through their concerns and develop effective coping strategies. Drawing on her experience with trauma and women’s concerns, Melissa is dedicated to helping her clients build fulfilling and healthy lives. If you’re looking for a private pay therapist who understands the importance of empowerment, Melissa offers a consultation to see if she would be a good fit for you.

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