What to do When You and Your Partner Disagree on Covid-19 Restrictions

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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented countless challenges for couples. Some have had to delay weddings or other major commitments. Others argue more after so much time at home together. As a result, some have started couples therapy as a result. And, some can’t help but disagree on what steps they should take to protect themselves from contracting COVID-19.

Perhaps you and your partner tend to disagree with the COVID-19 restrictions. This is not always easy to reconcile and may warrant couples therapy. Yet, if you approach this conversation with humility and an open mind, reaching a middle ground is possible.

Here are some ideas that our couples therapists recommend to try and come to an agreement with your partner:

Explain Your Reasoning

You might feel comfortable going to visit a close family member. But your partner has their reservations. Or, you’re an essential worker who prefers to quarantine yourself when you are not at work. But, your partner misses seeing their loved ones in person and wants to spend time with them.

If you both have different perspectives, it’s time to sit down and explain your reasoning. This can be between each other, or in couples therapy. Tell your partner exactly why you feel how you do. Share your feelings, needs, and desires. Allow your partner the opportunity to do the same and focus on really hearing them.

Go Over Current Data

What if you think your partner is not up to date on the most current recommendations? Looking over the current data regarding the pandemic may help you both to figure out a plan.

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For example, perhaps you feel very uncomfortable leaving your home unless you need to run errands. Your partner doesn’t quite see your point of view. If cases are rising dramatically in your area, plan time to sit down with your partner to look up the case counts and recommendations of local officials. This might help them see where you’re coming from. Talking to a counselor during couples therapy can also help ensure you and your partner are being heard.

Look Up Local Restrictions

What if you’re worried that your partner’s actions might violate local public health regulations? If this is the case, ask your partner if they would be willing to sit with you to research and discuss specific local restrictions. Without shaming them, try to point out what local officials are requiring. And, why you feel that you both should comply.

In some areas, restrictions can change overnight. It’s all too easy to end up feeling confused and behind with COVID-19 restrictions. As you determine how you will face this pandemic as a couple, looking at the current regulations can help.

Find Compromise

Sometimes, the only way to deal with your disagreements is to find a compromise. Maybe your partner will agree not to socialize with their friends. But, they still want to go see one of their relatives.

In this scenario, you could recommend that both your partner and their relative get tested before seeing each other. Or, wear masks while visiting outside. Alternatively, maybe you wanted to take a trip to visit a loved one that would involve flying, and your partner feels uncomfortable with the idea.

Instead of outright canceling the trip, you could agree to postpone it until you’re able to get the vaccine. If you can settle in a middle ground, it is more likely that you’ll both enjoy peace of mind. Couples therapy can also help you come to an agreement.

Set Boundaries

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What if you can’t seem to come to a solid agreement about the pandemic? Or, what if your partner continues to act recklessly, even if you’ve tried to speak to them about what feels safe to you?

If you’re dealing with this situation, you have the right to set strong boundaries. In extreme circumstances, this may even involve either a short or long-term separation.

Remember, as much as you and your partner love each other, your health and safety come first. You do not have to stay with someone who consistently makes you worry about your health and well-being.

Consider Couples Therapy

If you and your partner are struggling to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic together, know you’re not alone. Many couples are going through a tough time right now. A couples therapist can help you figure out where your relationship got off track. And they can give you suggestions for how to have tough conversations and communicate your wants and needs effectively. Right now we are offering online couples therapy in California, so you don’t have to worry about COVID-19 and can get counseling from the comfort of your surroundings.

Begin Couples Therapy in Orange County, CA

If you’re interested in beginning marriage counseling or couples therapy and live in California, then we would be honored to speak with you and discuss the many ways we can help you and your partner. Follow these simple steps to set up a consultation or schedule your first online therapy session in California:

  1. Click here to schedule your first session or set up a free consultation.
  2. Meet with a member of our team who specializes in couples therapy and marriage counseling.
  3. Start giving your relationship the support it deserves!

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