Do Therapists Have Therapists?

A hand supports the hand of a client sitting across from them. This could repersent how a therapist for a therapist in Orange County, CA can provide support to a fellow counselor. Learn about compassion fatigue treatmetn and how therapy fro therapists in Orange County, CA can help.

To answer the question, yes therapists have therapists of their own. And even more important, therapists should have therapists of their own. You encounter so many challenging things in your work. Clients share their deepest wounds with you in sessions. Coworkers and supervisors can create a toxic workplace, making your job harder than it should be. And on top of all that, you have your own life. You have family and friends that rely on you too. And what about yourself? When are you expected to have downtime to recharge? Therapy for therapists can provide a perfect opportunity.

A therapist comforts a young woman by placing a hand on her shoulder as they write on their clipboard. This could represent therapy for therapists in Orange County, CA. Contact a therapist for a therapist to learn more about compassion fatigue treatment and how to overcome empathy fatigue in California.

The reasons you may be seeking therapy as a therapist yourself varies. There’s burnout and compassion fatigue. And we can’t forget about the invasive impacts of vicarious trauma. There are so many ways the burden of your work can bleed into your personal life. Whether you’re a counselor or social worker in private practice or a nonprofit.

Being A Therapist is Hard

People look up to you. Of course, your clients care about what you think. Plus, your friends and family are always asking you your thoughts on situations. It’s pretty much impossible to take your therapist hat off. Especially when you may be struggling with taking work home with you.

Common experiences of therapists affected by burnout and or vicarious trauma:

  • Low energy
  • Dreading work
  • Depression
  • Decreased interest and satisfaction
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempts

Therapists are among the professionals with the highest susceptibility to experiencing these symptoms. The chance of it occurring is higher than any other professionals. This includes doctors, lawyers, and dentists. So no, you’re not crazy. And no, you’re not being a big wimp. Your work is HARD, and therapy for therapists can provide the support you need.

Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious trauma is pervasive among those in the helping professions. It is also called secondary trauma and it’s so sneaky at times. You don’t even know something is bothering you until it hits you like a truck. Next, you are experiencing triggers, causing overwhelming stress. You may dread sessions with a certain client because their experience is so much like yours. You may not have even known you had a similar experience with this client. But, hearing their stories has brought up forgotten memories from your past.

A person gestures with their hands as another writes on a clipboard. Therapy for therapists in Orange County, CA can provide help dealing with a toxic work environment. Learn about compassion fatigue treatment and how a therapist for a therapist can offer support!

Connection is what brought you into this field. And in school, you heard about burnout and vicarious trauma. But you never thought you’d experience it yourself. You’re strong and resilient. There’s no way you could be struggling with what you hear at work. But here’s where you might be wrong. No matter how strong, experienced, or passionate, you are always at risk of burnout.

Vicarious trauma is the result of empathizing with people who share traumatic stories, experiences, and emotions with you. It can make you question and doubt yourself in professional and personal contexts. And one of the hardest parts is that it can cause you to disengage on an emotional level. This may be in sessions with clients or your personal life. Most helpers like therapists and social workers pride themselves on their empathetic abilities. Yet, it’s likely that if you’re experiencing vicarious trauma, you’re wondering if you’re even cut out for this work.


Yeah, yeah, you know about boundaries. Of course, you do. You talk about it day in and day out with clients. But how do you install boundaries in your own life? You might have had very strong boundaries with work and home at one point. But over the seasons, your work has ground you down. At one time, you had a strong sense of self and intuition that drew you to conclusions about how to care for yourself. But when you fall out of the routine of checking in with yourself, you can lose sight of those boundaries and your intuition.

You know how important it is to have clear, strong boundaries. But if your life has changed since you’ve put those in place, it may be time to reevaluate. Many of the therapists we’ve worked with have had similar experiences. Meeting with a therapist for therapists can help you untangle all the complexities of setting boundaries moving forward.

Therapy for Therapists in Orange County, CA Can Help

The varied issues that we encounter as therapists are so complex. Even if you were only a professional with no personal life, you’d face challenges as a therapist. But that’s not the way it is. You have other responsibilities outside of your helping work. You’re raising a family and trying to be a supportive partner. Plus, it’s likely you have an intern or supervise a team. That’s a lot to handle! And you deserve support.

A hand supports the hand of a client sitting across from them. This could repersent how a therapist for a therapist in Orange County, CA can provide support to a fellow counselor. Learn about compassion fatigue treatmetn and how therapy fro therapists in Orange County, CA can help.

Talking to a therapist for therapists who understands your field can be relieving. They understand expectations placed on you, and the heavy burden you carry each day. Working on boundaries and self-care can help you reignite that intuition. Thus, leading you to feel more connected to yourself and your needs. Working with a therapist for therapists can be the change-maker in your wellness.

Begin Therapy for Therapists in Orange County, CA

Our caring therapists understand draining being there for others can be. You deserve a chance to get support so you can feel good about the work you are doing. Our Orange County, CA-based practice would love to provide that support. To reach out and start therapy, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule a free consultation
  2. Meet with a caring therapist who gets it
  3. Start overcoming burnout, and loving your career

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